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Industry Partnerships

Connections with the World of Business

SIS continues to expand and deepen its ties with industries in ways that provide an exceptional array of learning experience, internship projects and employment opportunities for our students.

Here are examples of our working relationships with companies from both private sector and public sector organisations:


IT, Infocomm and Digital Media Solutions and Service Providers

Here are some of the relationships we have with different IT, Infocomm and Digital Media Solutions & Service Providers:

Company Relationship Description
Altova Academic partner (2008) Usage of XMLSpy for 1 semester in undergraduate course
Avocent University wide Avocent-SMU MOU
(Jan 2009 - present)
Opportunities to work with Avocent on Green IT and IT Operations Projects Sponsors The Avocent SIS IS Application Project Outstanding Student Award
Calypso Academic Partner
(2010 - present)
Use Calypso trading platform for undergraduate and graduate financial markets technology courses
Catena Technologies Academic Partner
(2010 - present)
Provides technology case studies and analysis on the financial services industry. Helps students learn about the financial markets and deliver innovative projects to Asian financial institutions
DataCamp Academic Partner
Visit Website
(Aug 2017  - present)
Offers interactive R and Python courses on topics in data science, statistics, and machine learning for undergraduate courses.
DHL Green Transformation Lab
(2013 - present)
The Green Transformation Lab is a joint initiative by SMU and DHL aimed at accelerating the evolution of sustainable logistics across Asia Pacific. Leveraging SMU’s multi-faculty academic excellence and DHL’s sustainability services, expertise and capability in supply chains, the Green Transformation Lab is focused on creating solutions that help companies transform their supply chains, becoming greener, more resource efficient and sustainable.
FACT Software International Pte Ltd Establishment of the FACT Software International Research Gift for SMU SIS
Opportunities for students to integrate their business modelling with an ERP application to perform dynamic analysis of live data to support real-time decision making
IBM IBM's SSME Global Initiative (Nov 2007 - present) Provided free academic license for their Websphere tool IBM Business Consulting Services Solution Center 
(Oct 2003 - Aug 2005)
SIS promotes Service Science, Management & Engineering (SSME) programme. One of SIS second major tracks is Service Systems & Solutions Usage of Websphere in undergraduate course Provide SMU students with insights on how industry specific business processes and enabling software applications come together. Give students the opportunity to learn how to develop solution proof-of-concepts and have access to real-world case studies
Infosys Technologies Ltd Joint Education & Research Agreement
(2011-2014) Cooperation Agreement 
(2007 - 2009) Provided academic license 
(2005 - present)
Joint education and research projects
Campus Connect & Collaborative Courseware Development Usage of InFlux Methodology and toolset for undergraduate courses
JetBrains Provided academic license
(2005 - present)
Usage of "IntelliJ IDEA" for undergraduate course
Juniper Networks Academic Sponsor 
Donated 2 gigabit switches for the Teaching Lab, that is used by several undergraduate SIS courses
Liquid Technologies Ltd Provided free academic licenses 
(2012 - 2018)
Provides the Educational licenses for Liquid Studio (Developer Edition) for the IS301 Enterprise Integration course in learning the use of XML.
Mercury (now HP-Mercury) Special MOU partner
(2006 - 2007)
Usage of their LoadRunner tool for AA labs
Corporation Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscriber / DreamSpark Program
(2008 - present)
Lots of tools being used in various courses: Visio, Project, Visual Studio.NET, Sharepoint Server, etc
Novell Novell Silver partner
(2007 - 2009)
Ran their Novell Certified Linux Professional (NCLP) courses as enrichment courses
Ohanae Pte Ltd MOU
Provide our SIS faculty and students free access to OHANAE product
Oracle Corporation Oracle Academy partner
(2007 - present)
Usage of Oracle E-Business suite in undergraduate courses which gives students the opportunity to learn about complex enterprise business applications and processes Usage of Oracle's Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator Data Model as part of our SIS elective course on Data Warehousing & Business Analytics
Ping An Technology Pte Ltd (Shenzhen) Pinnacle Lab for Analytics
(2013 - 2015)
Jointly established between Ping An Technology Pte. Ltd. (Shenzhen) and Singapore Management University, the Ping An – SMU Research Lab is aimed at the collaboration between the two parties to promote research, application and technology transfer focusing on the theme of "Big Data"
ReadySpace (SG) Pte Ltd Provide hosting services and support in events and courses
Visit website 
In code::Xtremeapps:: 2010 Cloud services & support provided for enrichment course during Summer Usage of Cloud Services & Support in undergraduate course
Red Hat Red Hat Academy partner (2012-2014) Usage of their course materials for teaching enrichment courses
Salesforce Salesforce Academic Alliance (December 2015 - present) Through this agreement, SMU School of Information Systems becomes the first university in Asia Pacific to start using the Salesforce Academic Alliance Programme to provide practical, skills-based training on the Salesforce customer success platform to its students.
SAP SAP University Alliance partner 
(June 2009 - present)
Usage of the newest generation of SAP software based on Service Oriented Architecture & NetWeaver platform in our undergraduate courses
SAS Institute Pte Ltd

SAS and SMU renew relationship
(March 2017 - March 2020)

SAS and SMU renew relationship for Analytics Education, Projects and Research
(March 2014 - Sept 2017)

Major initiatives to develop business intelligence capabilities, Establishment of the SMU-SAS Advanced Analytics Lab (SAAL) 
(Mar 2011 - Feb 2017)

SMU-SAS Enterprise Intelligence Lab (SEIL)
(Mar 2008 - 2011)

  • Provision of SMU Campus License for access to SAS Software for faculty members, teaching staff and students
  • Develop opportunities via SAAL for Business Intelligence & Analytics education, training and research projects
  • Develop Business Intelligence & Analytics overviews, topics and usage via selected SIS undergraduate and postgraduate programmes/majors/electives, etc. with SAS technologies
  • Sponsors the SAS Institute BSc Scholarship, the SAS Institute Masters of IT in Business Scholarship, and the SAS Institute Award
Signavio Pte. Ltd. Signavio Academic Initiative
(2015 - Present)
Signavio provides free usage of their cloud-based, collaborative Business Process Management and Business Decision Management solution to students and lecturers. The Signavio Academic Initiative enables students to gain experience modeling processes with BPMN 2.0 and incorporate and analyze business decisions within processes using DMN 1.0. Further modeling languages are also supported including EPC and Petri nets. Signavio’s collaborative workspaces make this the ideal tool for lectures, seminars and projects, while simultaneously offering a cutting edge professional solution for the business world.
Symantec Corp. Partnership to nurture the Next Generation Security Talents (Nov 2012 - present) The partnership is designed to jointly train and equip IT security professionals with the latest knowledge and skill sets in information security, expanding Singapore’s capabilities and talent in information protection.
Tata Consultancy Services TCS-SMU iCity Lab 
Collaboration Agreement and TCS' S$6 million investment lays foundation for research and development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and Worldwide
Tibco Software Inc. Tibco University Relations Program
(2005 - present)
Used tools for Enterprise Integration course
Visual Paradigm Provided free academic license to use their tools
(2004 - present)
Provides Singapore Management University with Visual Paradigm Standard Edition for use in educational purposes, offered by the VP Academic Partner Program


Special Initiatives with End User Business Organisations

Here are some of the ongoing and prior special initiatives we have with End User Business Organisations in the private sector as well as the public sector:

Company Relationship Description
Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) Master Agreement
(April 2013 - present)
Master Research Collaboration Agreement with A*STAR Research Institutes
Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) MOU on A*STAR Academia Pathways
(June 2013 - present)
Establishment of A*STAR National Science Scholarship and A*STAR Graduate Scholarship PhD training programmes
Alexandra Health Establishment of the Alexandra Health T-Lab@SMU
(June 2010 - December 2016)
Provide students and faculty with opportunities to work on health-care specific service transformation and service improvement projects, working hand-in-hand with Alexandra Health professionals Award sponsorships for excellent projects and outstanding students T (in T-Lab) is
  • Focused on Total Health Care of patients
  • Development of T-shaped professionals
  • Transformation of healthcare services
Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) SMU is the first university in the world to join the BIAN network and collaboration through SIS to build a ‘teaching bank’
(Oct 2012 - present)
SMU Teaching Bank is a platform for collaboration with banks and vendors to create and test new ideas for banking systems and processes.  We will work with the industry and BIAN community to trial and test change scenarios, such as a core banking system replacement, or a bank merger whereby multiple banking systems need to be integrated to coexist.
Changi Airport Group Agreement
(Feb 2011 - Feb 2014)
Case Study and Lab Exercises Generation for use in SMU Programmes
ISACA-SGC School of Information Systems and ISACA boost collaboration with MOU
(Jan 2018 - Jan 2021)
  • Student attachment to ISACA-SGC member organisations for internships, SIS and ISACA-SGC member organisations may also provide ideas for SIS students’ capstone projects.
  • Up to five SIS student leaders will receive complimentary student membership from ISACA-SGC which will enable them to be involved in the planning and organising of ISACA-related events within SMU such as seminars and workshops for SMU students, staff and faculty.
  • ISACA-SGC student group in SMU will benefit from ISCA-SGC’s sponsorship to events it organises, as well as attend the monthly seminar and networking sessions organised by ISACA-SGC.
Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Inclusion of SMU SIS into the Singapore Urban Transport Solution (STARS)
(Aug 2009 - present)
Opportunities for student participation in SIS Research Projects involving LTA data and challengers.
Martime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) SMU and MPA to promote research and innovation for a clean and green Next Generation Port
(Nov 2014 - present)
Collaboration between MPA and SMU on research and development, education, public outreach programmes as well as the provision of advisory services.
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of Singapore Collaboration between MHA and SMU on cyber security education and research in Singapore
(2011 - present)
Collaboration between MHA and SMU on education, research and development and consultancy projects in the areas of cyber security.
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Technologies Partnership with MITB (Financial Technology)
(2011 - present)
Creating innovative educational labs for hands-on learning using NYSE Technologies' products and services.
Enriching the educational experience with real-world technology and trading scenarios
PS Solutions Corp (PSSOL) Software License Agreement
(Jun 2016 - present)
Industry-University Collaboration: SMU and PS Solutions (SoftBank) signed software licence agreement for High-Speed Geofence Query Engine for IoT Business Creation

SMU SIS and Certis CISCO collaborate on cybersecurity education and research
(Mar 2016 - Mar 2021)

Promote and develop cybersecurity education and research in Singapore among students in tertiary education and cybersecurity professionals.
Standard Chartered Bank Establishment of the Standard Chartered iLab@SMU
(March 2006 - present)
Provide students with opportunities to work on innovative banking specific service innovation projects, working hand-in-hand with Standard Chartered professionals. Sponsorships of students final year projects - IS Application Projects. Some of these projects are being implemented in multiple countries to thousands of people. These projects were originally created, demonstrated and proven by SIS students. Sponsors the SMU Innovative Project Award and the SMU Young Stars Award.
SimpliFlying Provide students and faculty with opportunities to work on aviation-technology specific service transformation and service improvement projects, focused on deriving business value from real-time travel data being shared publicly online. Visit website
(Aug 2010 - present)
Hire interns from SIS and SMU every year to give them work on innovative airline-technology specific service innovation projects, working hand-in-hand with SimpliFlying consultants. Sponsorships of students final year projects - IS Application Projects.


Company Sponsors for our MITB (Financial Services) Capstone Projects

  • Banking Computer Services Pte Ltd
  • Citibank
  • Commerzbank
  • DBS
  • GE Money
  • Julius Baer
  • Merrill Lynch Global Services Pte Ltd
  • OCBC
  • SAS Institute Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Exchange Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • United Overseas Bank

Last updated on 17 Apr 2018 .