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SIS FAST FACTS & RESOURCES - Metrics updated as of nov 2017


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Singapore Management University (SMU) is created to be a premier university internationally recognised for research and education centred on management, social science and computing.

The SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) was created within this context to be similarly recognised internationally for its innovative research and education focused on Information Systems Technology, Information Systems Management, as well as problems and issues at the intersection of IS related technology and management.

SIS is distinct from the other five schools at SMU in that we are the only academic unit within the university classified as under Singapore’s Science & Technology cluster of academic units as defined by the Ministry of Education. SIS is eligible for Singapore government funding schemes targeted for Science & Technology based university programmes and research institutes.

We possess deep technology-based research and creation capability in strategically selected areas of information technology, systems and applications. We also actively investigate a range of issues related to the managerial and business impacts of IT within firms, across collaboration networks and value chains, as well as across markets and industries.

SIS is a member of the iSchools Caucus

Hence, we are an "iSchool". In fact, we were the first iSchool outside of North America accepted into the iSchools caucus. The iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, technology and people. We are an iSchool with deep strength in information technology, systems and applications, and we concentrate on the uses, users and impacts of information and IT in the context of The World of Business.

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SMU's university-wide focus on management, social science and "The World of Business" provides the School of Information Systems with significant advantages in both our research and education. We have practically unrestricted access to companies and organisations at all levels, from working level experts and professionals, all the way up to the senior executives. For our research, this access enables us to easily communicate with people who can provide us with insights into current and future real-world problems and who can also facilitate the process of gaining access to data. For our educational programmes, this access enables us to bring many aspects of The World of Business into the classroom and also to bring the classroom out into The World of Business.

Singapore’s global market orientation and compact size also facilitates this interaction with the external world. There are around 7000 multinational firms with a presence in Singapore. In addition, there are also the numerous local and regional firms, as well as the public and non-profit organisations. Due to Singapore’s size and excellent transportation infrastructure, as well as SMU’s location right in the heart of the city, it is quite convenient to meet with external parties.


Research in SIS centers around strategically selected, five core and three integrative areas:


Faculty members and researchers in SIS are actively engaged in cross-cutting collaborative projects at the intersection of two or more of these areas. Through our research efforts, we produce analysis, methods, and experimental systems and solutions which are published in leading international academic publication outlets.

We simultaneously aim to produce research outputs that actually or potentially have practical impact on the Business IT sphere. Our close working relationships with private industry and the public sector, as well as our strong collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world, enhance our ability to do first-rate scholarship and research that is also applicable to current and future real-world needs.


Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
: Information Systems Major

The emergence of new and disruptive computing and information technologies, in tandem with the massive amounts of data spawned as a result of technological systems and applications, has raised the demand for our workforce to be equipped with new Information Systems skill sets and capabilities in order to harness this evolution, by developing value-added and innovative solutions for businesses and society.

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Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
: Smart-City Management & Technology Major

Smart-City Management & Technology Major is a unique interdisciplinary programme designed to train professionals to manage these multidisciplinary concerns, and to apply the enabling technologies.

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Postgraduate Research & Professional Programmmes at SMU Information Systems

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