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Enrichment Programme

SIS Enrichment Programme

Enrichment courses are courses conducted by SIS instructors, faculty members, guests from various industries or passionate SIS students for SIS students. Sometimes, there are excess capacities which will then be open to the rest of the university.

They aim to:

  • Expand the knowledge base of students
  • Equip students with marketable and industry-relevant job skills
  • Prepare students for professional certifications

Such courses usually span between half a day to 5 full days, and are purposely priced affordably for students. They are usually held during vacation breaks, and are voluntarily signed up for.

Students do not gain academic credits or course exemptions by completing an enrichment course, but take advantage of these instructor-led sessions to gain additional practical knowledge. Most students find the skills picked up through enrichment courses extremely helpful for some of their courses, internships and for some IS Application Project (IS480)/ Information Systems Project Experience.

Enrichment courses are scheduled depending on the availability of instructors, the demand for certain skill sets and matching instructional expertise. They are also strategically designed to complement the BSc (Information Systems) undergraduate degree curriculum in constructive ways.

Courses are usually conducted during summer break (April-August) and the December vacation.

Registration is usually around term breaks & can be competitive for certain popular courses.

To see the latest enrichment course schedule catalogue, click here


Please email the enrichment course coordinator for more information.

ONG Hong Seng

ONG Hong Seng

Manager, Enrichment Programme
Senior Instructor


“It (enrichment course) is learning without the stress factor!”

~ Anonymous feedback from student participant


Broadly speaking, courses can be categorised into 2 groups:

Licensed courses

Licensed courses are based on official curriculum developed by independent commercial entities.

Non-licensed courses

Non-licensed courses are specially created by our own instructors or based on Web content that are free for use in academic institutions.

About Certification Exams

As we are part of the Oracle Academy’s Institution Member, we have able to provide you with discount voucher that will grant you

Please email the enrichment course coordinator, if you want a student eVoucher for the exam – this eVoucher is not transferable, unique number for each individual and has an expiry date.

For more information Certification Exams, check out this link here.

You will need to create an account with PearsonVue in order to book your exam date/venue.

During the registration process, enter your eVoucher ID in order to qualify for the student price.

FAQ about enrichment Courses

No. Enrichment courses are purely optional, though you may be strongly encouraged to attend certain courses by your professors because they may be relevant to certain core/elective courses. Attendance will be taken at enrichment courses, but that is purely for administrative and data collection purposes, and will in no way affect your GPA, or grades for any SIS course.

Unfortunately not. Enrichment courses are open only to all SMU students (not only SIS students).

The enrichment course programme is not funded by the school or university. Students are not “charged” per se for attending enrichment courses, but to cover expenses incurred from the running of these courses. Expenses include special equipment, preparatory material, prizes for participants etc. Instructors are not paid for running enrichment courses.

You are quite right: the licensed courses are professional courses run by training organizations for professionals in the industry and they are expensive. A typical 5-day IT course will cost between SGD 2000 and 4000 to attend. Our special agreements with our training partners enable us to offer the same course at "cost price" to our students. This is one of the ways in which we add value to our students.

Most (in fact almost all) of the enrichment courses are workshops - meaning there are lab practices after each theoretical lecture session. This limits the maximum size of each class so as not to compromise on the quality of instruction. Do rest assured that we are already doing our best to accommodate as many students for each course. On the other hand, registration for most courses will be on a first-come-first-served basis for fairness (we do have special runs targeted at specific groups of students - for these runs, we may restrict registration).

Firstly, we do have finite instructional resources. We do take into consideration the perceived needs of the school, the skill sets and availability of our instructors when planning which courses to run. Some licensed courses require the instructors to have attended train-the-trainer sessions or certification; this further limits the number of instructors who can conduct certain courses.

No. The enrichment course programme is designed to allow students to learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment, without worry of needing to pass an examination after the course. Nevertheless, some of the licensed courses are linked to certification exams, although attendees do not have to take the certification exams if they don't want to. You can register for and take these certification exams at your own time and cost, but do note that there are student discounts available for some of them (e.g. SMU students can purchase an exam voucher for the Oracle certifications at a discounted price. Email us to get a student voucher in order to enjoy the discount.)

Don’t register if you can only make it for a fraction of the days as you will be missing out on certain topics, or risk losing any benefits especially if you missed the earlier days of the course. Besides that, you will be taking up the seat which could benefit someone else.

The enrichment are done as an additional benefits for students and with limited resources allocated for us to manage the administrative part of things. As the dates are usually released very early, plan for it before signing up. We do, however, allow registered participants to get a replacement. Do inform your instructor or enrichment course coordinator when you find someone to replace you so that we can make the necessary changes to the registration/attendance records. Replacement is only allowed before the class starts and the instructor is informed.

No. Participants will only be issued course materials when they attend the sessions. We want to discourage students who sign up just for the course materials (and deny a fellow student of a seat). Enrichment courses are designed to be instructor-led, and students can gain maximum benefit only via instructor-student interactions. If you are looking for self-study courses, enrichment courses are not.

Yes. Do make sure that the correct course name is indicated though. This is also one reason why we do keep attendance records of enrichment courses.

For licensed courses, instructors need to work within a framework in accordance to the agreement between the school and the training partner: some will require the instructor to have attended train-the-trainer sessions or be certified. A lot of autonomy is granted to the individual course instructors when they conduct enrichment courses, but we do collect post-course feedback and sometimes fellow instructors do "sit-in" to provide peer feedback especially for first-runs and runs by newer instructors.

For courses that collect feedbacks, it is used to review how the course was conducted and to consider improvements for subsequent runs. It is also used for review purposes of a re-run, of course of a similar nature in the near future.

Course Schedule


There is most probably only 2 possibilities.

1. You are logged into your own account with other Google Services like Gmail in the browser that you attempt to register the course with.


  1. Use another browser or log out of your own Google account first.
  2. Try again.
  3. You should get a prompt to log into login in with your SMU username and password.

2. You do not have an eLearn account, might be experiencing issues with your SMU eLearn account or your SMU eLearn account's Google Drive settings are not enabled yet.


  1. Contact IITS Helpdesk
  2. Try again.
  3. You should get a prompt to log into login in with your SMU username and password.

If you still encounter difficulty, please email



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