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SMU BSc (Information Systems) & Master of IT in Business Fast Track

Programme Overview

The School of Information Systems (SIS) Fast Track programme allows promising SIS undergraduates to pursue a Bachelor and Master degrees within a shorter period of time. In addition to the Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), selected SIS undergraduates can obtain the Master of IT in Business (Analytics) or Master of IT in Business (Financial Services Analytics).

The MITB (AT) programme aims to train a new breed of business analytics professional who can leverage on data and decision analytics to support customers and operations related decisions.

The MITB (FA) programme draws from both the Financial Technology Track and Analytics Track to equip and prepare graduates and professionals with the ability and intelligence to translate data into actionable insights that drive growth in the financial services industry.

Master of IT in Business Tracks

We are committed to being the best in the world in preparing professionals to manage and integrate:

A SERIES - Financial Technology

A.1 Digital Banking and FinTech
A.2 Retail Banking & Mobile Technology
A.3 Corporate Banking & Smart Contracts
A.4 Financial Markets Systems & Technology
A.5 Algo Trading & Risk Systems
A.6 Digital Payments & Innovations
A.7 Assets Management & Digital Advisory
A.8 Product Lifecycle & Dev Ops
A.9 T&O Risk Management Essentials
A.10 Topics in Risk Management
A.11 Big Data Analytics in Financial Services
A.12 Digital Banking Enterprise Architecture

B SERIES - Analytics Technology & Applications

B.1 Analytics Framework & Business Context
B.2 Data Analytics Lab
B.3 Customer Analytics & Applications
B.4 Operations Analytics & Applications
B.5 Big Data: Tools and Techniques
B.6 Visual Analytics & Applications
B.7 Text Analytics & Applications
B.8 Social Analytics & Applications
B.9 Applied Machine Learning
B.10 Process Analytics using Simulation
B.11 Marketing Analytics & Applications
B.12 IoT Technology & Applications
B.13 Data Management
B.14 Applied Statistical Analysis with R

C SERIES - Information Technology & Project Management

C.1 Cybersecurity Technology and Applications
C.2 Spreadsheet Modelling for Technology & Operations Decisions
C.3 IT Project & Vendor Management
C.4 Global Sourcing of Technology & Processes

D SERIES - General Management for Technology & Operations

D.1A Financial Accounting
D.1C Management Accounting for Technology & Operations Managers
D.2 Strategy and Organisation
D.3 Finance for Technology & Operations Managers

E SERIES - Internship/Capstone Project - equivalent to 2 course units

E.1 Internship
E.2 Capstone Project

Typically, students read 3-4 course units per term. Classes are conducted on weekday evenings and/or Saturdays. Successful applicant can typically begin their Master programme courses concurrently with their undergraduate courses in their 3rd or 4th year. Total Fast Track programme duration is expected to be 4 to 4.5 years.

Several exemptions and double-counting of courses are possible.

Exemption for the following course(s) may be possible subjected to the approval of the Programme Director and course instructor :

C.2 Spreadsheet Modeling
D.1A Financial Accounting
D.1C Management Accounting for Technology & Operations Managers

All exempted courses must be replaced with another course.

Student must inform MITB office of his/her intention to double-count in advance before the first lesson of the double-counting course starts.

Should a student wish to withdraw a double-count request, they must inform MITB office in writing before the course Add/Drop (W grade) deadline.

  • Double counting* of courses C.3 and C.4 as undergraduate IS Management Elective for up to 2 courses.
  • Double counting* of course C.2 as Business Oriented course, IS102 Computer as an Analysis Tool
  • The double-counted course and course grade will be printed on both MITB and BSc(IS) transcripts.
    For every double-counted course done at MITB, the student will do one course less at undergrad level.

* Please note that grade and GPA of the double-counted course will count towards the undergraduate grade and GPA.


All outstanding SIS undergraduates will be invited to apply for this Fast Track programme. Selection is based on the first and second year undergraduate results.

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