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Bachelor of Science (Information Systems): Smart-City Managment & Technology Major

Smart-City Management & Technology Major

Nurturing Professionals for Urban Living in the Digital Future

Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) : Smart-City Management & Technology Major

Cities around the world continue to grow in size and are evolving into connected and technology-enabled societies. Smart cities are the ones which make use of technology to make a positive impact to the lives of people, businesses and environment.
The new Smart-City Management and Technology major is a unique interdisciplinary programme that aims to develop skills in integrating the key success ingredients: technology, social science and management for innovating smart city solutions.
The curriculum equips students with data analytics and solution development skills, along with evidence-based reasoning to policy, business and social implications of smart city innovations. The programme offers flexible domain specialization in either information systems, social science or management. This programme plugs the industry’s talent gap in multi-disciplinary and future-ready professionals.
I am confident that you will find the programme as exciting as current students and potential employers.

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About Smart-City Management & Technology Major


Why Smart-City Management & Technology Major?


BSc (IS) : Smart-City Management & Technology Curriculum


Smart-City Scholarships

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Undergraduate Scholarship

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) offers young talents exciting opportunities to shape a Safe, High Quality, Sustainable and Friendly Built environment for Singapore.

For Incoming Freshmen For Current Students
SMU Scholarships

SMU enjoys the generous support and patronage of philanthropists and donors who have set up many merit-based and need-based scholarships for our students. Scholarships are prestigious and based on eligibility.


BSc (IS) : Smart-City Management & Technology Learning Outcomes


Smart-City Management & Technology Career Opportunities


Smart-City Related Projects at SMU SIS


Research Projects


Project ShineSeniors

by SMU-TCS iCity Lab

SIS Research Project

Through multi-disciplinary Research and Development (R&D) efforts, spanning across both technology and social behavioral sciences, SHINESeniors aims to enhance community care to support sustainable ageing-in-place.This is achieved by providing sensor-enabled homes and personalized home care for senior Singaporeans.

Research Projects

by Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering Corp. Lab (UNiCEN)


Adding Capacity without Building Capacity : Leveraging artificial intelligence (Al), analytics, and computational social science to develop solutions that address urban challenges with Singapore as a “living lab” through Intelligent Transport, Smart Crowd Management and Smart Logistics as well as the Urban Computing Platform.


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