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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG)s are formed by students to further their passion and interests in specific areas via research, events, and other collaborative opportunities.

SMU FinTech

SMU FinTech aims to be the platform for SMU students to keep abreast developments in this dynamic and disruptive industry, seek opportunities for growth and learn more about technological changes in the 21st century. 

We organise (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Industry site visits
  • Technical sharing sessions
  • Networking and career opportunities

BIA (Business Intelligence & Analytics) SIG

Business Intelligence (BI) has been deemed the key driver for business transformation and increasingly has been a top priority on the CIO's list for technology spending. The BIA SIG aims to be a Business Intelligence Hub in SMU to better inform students about the various aspects of BI including its technological and industry domains and also providing information about embarking on a second major in business intelligence track. The BIA SIG will also promote the usage of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Laboratory (SEIL) and assist in conducting workshops to better equip students with hands-on experience of the enterprise software.

Microsoft DotNet Society

Our mission is to educate and inform the SMU community on the current Microsoft technologies through seminars, workshops, competition and technology visits.

Our vision is to allow students to be exposed to the various technologies of Microsoft.

Whitehat Society

Whitehat Society is a SMU SIS Special Interest Group (SIG), as part of the School of Information Systems Society (SISS), founded by a group of students who are passionate about cyber security. We strive to be the bridge to provide utmost assistance in the information security collaborations between our school and external agencies. We are dedicated to support SIS students, professors and PhD students.

Our Motto is “Advocating Security”.


Macness is the Premium Club for Apple-product users in SMU. Macness wants to develop the Apple-Community in SMU through creative ways and urges all members to play a part in learning. As a reference point for both Apple Singapore and SMU students, Macness organises seminars, events and provides assistance to users on mainstream Apple-products. As the user base grows, Macness will provide opportunities for inspiring designers and developers to showcase their talents to the masses. On the other hand, our team will work to bring in benefits and offers from Apple Singapore and partners for the student bodies.


Devera is a special interest group centred around software development, seeking to help students learn how to build real software products by equipping them with the technical and project management skills. We also act as a hub for student freelancers to find and share projects or even to team up to tackle them together. Our mission is to educate students on widely used development tools and frameworks in the industry and keep them updated on the latest best practices in software development.


Last updated on 14 Aug 2017 .


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