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"Having worked in the financial services industry for a while, I find this programme very relevant as it not only focuses on core skills required in banking technology and operations but also provides participants with a good mix of general and financial management skills. The faculty members delivering the courses are also able to engage us interactively. This active participation allows us to relate theoretical and practical aspect of the courses better. "

"The course projects also challenges us to think beyond what we have learnt and this practical approach further enhances our learning. The series of MITB seminars, delivered by industry experts, allow us to gain further insight into the various financial services domains. It also provided us with the opportunity to network with senior management from within the financial services industry. "

"I believe in "investing in learning" and would encourage those who are seeking to further their career in banking technology and operations to seriously consider this programme. "

KOO Chiew Kiang, 2008

Vice President
Credit Payment Business Support, Citigroup

"Being an IT professional in the Financial Services Industry without a thorough understanding and knowledge of Banking and Financial operations and technology is incomplete for one to excel. "

"The programme offered by SMU is unique globally and subjects taught are highly applicable to the workplace. With better understanding of the FSI's operations and technology, it puts me in a better position to compete in the marketplace. "

Freddie LEE, 2008

Senior Network & Security Specialist
Clearing and Payment Services Pte Ltd

"I am in the Management Associate programme of a local bank and have officially started my tenure in January 2010. My transition from IT to Financial Services has been an exciting journey and has been a positive move, a dream come true. The MITB (FS) Programme has been crucial in helping me make my transition. The Capstone Project I undertook helped me hone my leadership skills and the excellence standards of the Programme enabled me to stand out in the rigorous professional assessment I had to face."

"I’m proud to be in the pioneer batch of this Programme. It has changed my life and career path. I wish SMU and the MITB (FS) Programme all the best in grooming new students with great aspiration"

Daniel HO, 2009

Management Associate

"Strolling a term ahead, MITB was glossy to navigate and professors covered the subjects in depth. We had a great team and made terrific case presentations, I have certainly benefited by the rigor I had to go through. The knowledge taken away from course was very satisfactory as it explained me the need to analyse the kinds of situations we encounter and forced me through thinking process from each of those experiences. I am hoping to utilise this course to refine myself as an entrepreneur while looking forward to unravel the mystic world of financial negotiations. "

Jayaprada PUTREVU, 2008

Asian Infra Pte Ltd

"I am very happy that I have chosen this programme as much learning takes place everyday not just in class but out of class as well. "

"Before the course started, I felt that part time studies may be stressful but realised that my stress is released while I am at class. The professors are very energetic, interactive and the curriculum conducted stimulates our thinking. I am thankful to all at SMU for arranging the very engaging and interesting networking sessions with industry experts. "

Venkata Rao VADLAMUDI, 2008

Project Manager
United Premas Limited

"The journey towards a Masters of IT in business is an engaging one. We had the opportunities to meet industry veterans and learnt aspects of business, accounting and management particularly in the areas of banking and finance. The training is rigorous and the interactions with course mates from different sectors of the industry enhanced my learning experience and further fueled my interest in the field. An IT professional is incomplete unless he also becomes competent in the domain that he functions in. The Masters of IT in business is well positioned to bridge that gap between business and technology. "

Jackson NG, 2008

Temasek Polytechnic

"The SMU SIS MITB programme is indeed unique and valuable. It covers great breadth such as general business management, accounting, and finance, which is valuable knowledge for managers. At the same time, it has equipped me with in-depth skills in architecture design, systems integration, and IT management. The many intensive projects allowed me to apply cutting edge knowledge to real-world applications. Having the opportunity to get to know, interact and work with my classmates from their diverse backgrounds was also an invaluable experience. These has provided me with a strong foundation and competitive advantage to advance in my career. "

Melvin LENG, 2008

BI Consultant

"MITB Analytics Track is a first of its kind course in South-East Asia. It provides me with a perspective on how to see a business problem in light of analytics. The industry attachment is giving me a real-time work experience while studying. This course is making me better prepared for the service industry and I am confident that it will provide me with the leap in my career that I aspired for."

Juhi Sharma, 2012

Formerly Systems Engineer
Infosys Ltd
Recipient of Alexandra Health's T-Lab Scholarship, 2012

"IT today is a key enabler for change and plays an important role in improving operations, shaping outcomes and delivering a positive customer experience. To me, the MITB(SSA) program offers a perfect opportunity to get exposed to technology, operations and data analytics, and see how these can be combined to create value for the business."

Gwee Tze Ming, Jeffrey, 2010

Assistant Vice President
Technology Division, Changi Aiport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Recipient of WDA ICT-STEP Scholarship, 2012

"The MITB program in SMU focuses on the impact of business analytics in the service industry. The program provides an opportunity for students to work on critical business issues that are faced by organizations. As a business analyst in the retail industry, this program has provided me the exposure and relevant knowledge to pursue my long term career in this area."

Ong Yeru, Cally, 2012

Business Analyst (Process Mgmt & Profit Protection)
Metro Pte Ltd

"The MITB Analytics Track is one of the first post-graduate programmes in Singapore focusing on the practical application of analytics for businesses. Its strong relationship with industry partners is one key consideration for me to join the programme, which has a good balance of theory and practical. I envisage to make a difference and to be a key player in service sector analytics in Singapore."

Koh Kwang Yong, 2012

Project Manager
Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd
Recipient of WDA ICT-STEP Scholarship, 2012

"I am on the path of 'recreating' my career in the service industry as a business analyst. My career aspiration is to be at the top 10% of business consultants specialising in analytics for the hospitality and financial industry in the next 3 years. I am very excited that SMU is offering the Master of IT in Business (Analytics Track) programme, which offers a very unique opportunity for me to expand my learning horizon and achieve success in my career."

SIOW Yew Mun, 2010

Business/Data Analyst
Carlson Hotels Asia Pacific

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