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Recruiting our Graduates

Looking for that needle in the haystack?

Look no further because that unique, innovative and resourceful Singapore Management University (SMU) graduate is waiting to "explode" with out-of-the-box ideas in your organisation. SMU graduates are breakthrough thinkers whose attitude and strong teamwork skills bring different perspectives to business. From the classroom to the boardroom, SMU graduates differentiate themselves. Make SMU your preferred choice for recruiting graduates in the new economy!

We bring top candidates to your desktop without charge! Meet them on e-marketplace!

Finding the right candidate with the right talent, capabilities and attitude is at a click of a mouse away through OCS's user-friendly and yet secured SMU OnTRAC System at or just a phone call away at (65) 6828 0177 to friendly and helpful people at OCS.

OCS works closely with employers to find the candidate that as the right fit into the organisation through:

  • Direct on-line access to a talent pool at SMU from posting a job offer, viewing of applicants' resumes and cover letters, invitation for interview; right up to the offer of appointment
  • On-campus recruitment forums, talks and workshops
  • On-campus interviews
  • Video Conferencing for off-site interviews, especially cost effective for overseas recruiters

If preferred by the recruiters, OCS can help to screen and shortlist applicants for their consideration and help in arranging interviews.

To identify the potential candidates well ahead of time, recruiters could participate in our "no strings attached" internship programme which gives recruiters ample opportunity to assess them on the job. Click on "Employer Information" for more information!

Interested to Recruit SMU Graduates?

Simply register with us online at . A username and password will be generated for you to access the online system to post the job opportunities available. To find out more about SMU OnTRAC, simply click at "About SMU OnTRAC".

Our officers will be there to support and add value to our users. The SMU OnTRAC enables our officers to keep abreast of development in the employment portal and be aware of changes. We will always have a pulse on careers! Please contact us at 6828 0177 or email us at if you have any queries.


Last updated on 08 Mar 2018 .