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Luke Bui Hai Nam

Luke Bui Hai Nam (MITB Class of 2008)

APAC Regional Lead of MI Reporting, Credit Suisse

Stay Hungry, Keep Moving

"MITB is obviously one of my greatest life-changing experiences. It helped me not only in developing a front-to-back view of the banking business and operations but also kick-started my career in the financial services industry from a much broader perspective."


Bui Hai Nam, also known as Luke has known, since he was a teenager that the greatest knowledge and opportunities are uncovered by those who "stay hungry and keep moving". In his teens, Luke left his hometown in Vietnam to attend one of the country's most renowned high school specialized in Mathematics and Informatics. This gave him an opportunity to study MIS (Management Information Systems) at the Hanoi National Economics University. While he was in the University, Luke founded his own company, Netmark Online Solutions to provide Internet Services to business clients. "Juggling between studies and business was difficult but it was also a great experience. An opportunity in running my own business came about and I seized it" Luke said, when asked what he felt about his entrepreneurial experience.


During a vacation, Luke visited Singapore in search of opportunities for further studies. Luke considered various PhDs and Master Degrees before deciding that what he really needed was a Master degree that would serve as a bridge to his foray into Singapore's financial services sector. Luke decided that the Master of IT in Business (Financial Services) at SMU is where he wanted to be. Through a phone interview session, Luke was admitted into the MITB programme. He was also chosen to receive a SAS Scholarship that would significantly help defray his school fee at SMU. "I reckoned that aside from a lot of lucks, my background in mathematics as well as technical experiences helped me in the scholarship interview" explained Luke when asked how he managed to ace the interview sessions.

A requirement for all SAS scholarship recipients is to undertake a compulsory capstone project with SAS Institute, a global software company that specializes in Business Intelligence systems. Incidentally, a local Singapore bank was looking into managing its vast amount of data related to customer service. Seizing the opportunity, Luke developed a Proof of Concept solution to showcase SAS's analytics capabilities to the bank. This was a project that benefited both the bank as well as SAS. Eventually, Luke would learn that the biggest beneficiary of this project was himself. At his graduation dinner, Luke was introduced to a member of MITB's board of advisors who later requested for his resume after learning of Luke's SAS expertise. It turned him into ananalyst at one of Asia's largest banking corporation subsequently. In less than a year, Luke was hired by Credit Suisse for the senior analyst position in its MIS reporting team. And after 4 years in Singapore, Luke had gone from being a post graduate student to the regional lead in Management Information reporting at the global investment bank.

"In Credit Suisse, and in fact, in the entire financial service sector, the environment is so dynamic that people never stop learning, growing and moving. The environment is fast paced and I like it that way. The MITB programme gave me the global perspective and the foundation to excel in my career." said Luke when asked to summarize his journey. The phrase "Stay Hungry, keep moving" has been Luke's mantra and indeed, looking back into Luke's years on the move, opportunities have never stopped knocking because Luke never stopped trying.

Last updated on 27 Nov 2015 .