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Ma Ming

Ma Ming (MITB Class of 2010)

Pricing and Yield Analyst


Ma Ming is someone with vision. After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Computing, his career strategy is to first immerse himself in various IT fields and application projects for the first five years, so as to gain as much industry exposure as possible. Subsequently, he hopes to embrace higher level of challenges such as IT architecture design and IT solution consulting.


Back in 2010, armed with two years of working experience in data migration, dashboard project and sophisticated supply chain IT systems, Ma Ming chose to further his studies with the MITB-Analytics programme. He believes the programme can help him gain insights about data analytics and IT management to leverage the potential of IT application in various industries.

Now, two years later, his hard work has paid off.

"Even way before graduation, I felt that I've already earned back the ROI from the investment I have made, in terms of recognition from the company management and self-enrichment." says the bespectacled Ma Ming, who comes across as a pro-active person who is passionate about his work. Ma Ming's career has taken to a new height as he recently joined Facebook.

All the best, Ma Ming !

Last updated on 27 Nov 2015 .