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Making the grade

13 Nov 2017

SMU is one of the higher institutes of learning here that is embracing the emergence of Singapore as a fintech hub in the world. SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) has revised its curriculum to emphasize innovative computing and information solutions for business and society. Starting from their third year of study, students under the financial-technology specialization track will pick up skills such as evaluating digital banking architecture and strategy, and assess the technology implications of large-scale change scenarios such as mergers. At SMU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business, the school offers a course on financial innovation, which assembles economic theories related to financial innovations, and investigates ongoing innovations as well as important innovations from the past. SMU’s SIS has revised its Master of IT in Business (Financial Technology) programme, blending traditional banking with disruptive financial technologies in the curriculum. The SMU Academy has also been running a 3-day course on fintech and innovation that focuses on training participants to understand the design mindset and how it can help to create new value in the financial-services sector.

The Business Times

Last updated on 14 Nov 2017 .