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Video analytics: The science of crowds

11 Apr 2018

SMU Associate Professor Cheng Shih-Fen, Deputy Director for Research at Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp. Lab (UNICEN), shared in this interview how UNICEN and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR) utilise crowd-sensing and crowd-simulation technologies to assist venues with large volume of crowds, such as convention centres, to better serve their visitors and avoid potential hazards. As pointed out by Assoc Prof Cheng, the major innovations are the derivation of crowd behaviours via the study of multiple sensor types, such as wi-fi hotspots and CCTV footage, and the incorporation of these insights into a massive scale simulation, in which each visitor is accurately modelled and simulated.

[View the video here]

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Last updated on 16 Apr 2018 .