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Commentary: A Singapore free from errant bike parking? Yes, with incentives

2 Feb 2018

In a commentary, SMU Associate Professor of Information Systems Pradeep Varakantham suggested a mix of incentives to change cyclists’ behaviour and help solve the errant parking problem that had given the business a bad name. He suggested penalising customers and bike-sharing companies for errant parking, rewarding cyclists for good behaviour, rewarding those who help reposition errantly parked bikes as well as increase public education on what defined errant parking. He added that such a move might lead to further consolidation in the bike-sharing sector and hopefully result in two or more big companies offering such bike-sharing services that are self-sustainable and devoid of errant parking woes.

[Featured Photo: A bicycle parking zone outside an MRT station. Source: LTA]


Channel NewsAsia

Last updated on 05 Feb 2018 .