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SMU SIS Technopreneurs & Startups

Entrepreneurial students at all levels (BSc, MITB, MSc and PhD) who aspire develop their innovations for commercial use can look forward to an environment that provides strong support for understanding the "go-to-market" process, intellectual property management and securing start-up funding. All SMU students, staff and faculty can work closely with the University's Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE) for all aspects of entrepreneurship support, including mentoring and guidance from experienced and successful entrepreneurs.


SMU Institute of Innovation
& Entrepreneurship

The Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship anchors the Area of Excellence in Innovation at SMU. IIE is a practise oriented institute that provides support for innovation and entrepreneurship related activities across all the schools at SMU.

IIE activities range from events, competitions and networking around innovation & entrepreneurship, workshops, training programs, study missions and internships for entrepreneurs & budding entrepreneurs and a full-fledged incubation programme where we help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas to market. Additionally IIE manages the IP office at SMU and conducts practise related Research in the areas related to Entrepreneurship and Business Models

SMU Ventures: The Entrepreneurship Society

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SMU Ventures incubates new ventures and networks with investors and consultants. SMU Ventures strives to make entrepreneurship, idea generation, and the spirit of change a hallmark of SMU by incubating new ventures and networking with the industry, investors and consultants. They organise a number of events that allow students to gain insight, ideas and inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

SIS students have been very active in this society since its inception.


UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise

The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute is a recommitment in the partnership between UOB, SMU and other local enterprises. It succeeds its predecessor, the UOB-SMU Entrepreneurship Alliance Centre which was launched on 20th September 2005. The Institute is the first Centre at SMU to be relaunched as an Institute.

While the Institute continues to build its foundation in its facilitation of exchange of knowledge and resources to support the growth and development of local enterprises and students of the University, it is also driving other initiatives in knowledge creation.

All programmes and platforms developed are a reflection of the key thrusts of the Institute, namely education, outreach and research.


SIS Technopreneurs' & Start-Ups

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Last updated on 19 Jul 2017 .