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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmmes at SMU Information Systems


SIS Postgraduate Research Doctoral Programmes

PhD in Information Systems (PhD IS)

Postgraduate Academic Research Doctoral Programme

PhD IS produces researchers and educators who address deep technology challenges in real information systems that impact business processes or management, or who develop tools and methodologies to translate business goals to technological solutions.

SIS Postgraduate Research Masters Programmes

Master of Applied Information Systems (MAIS)

Postgraduate Academic and Applied Research Masters Programme

MAIS is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills by providing you with a broad view of information systems, in addition to valuable hands-on experiences. If you are interested in developing new technologies and creating innovative applications, MAIS will be ideal for you.

Master of Science in Information Systems 
(MSc IS)

Postgraduate Academic Research Masters Programme

MSc IS is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the specialisations of data management and analytics, information security & trust, information systems management, intelligent systems and decision analytics, or software systems.

SIS Postgraduate Professional Masters Programmes

Master of IT in Business (Analytics) Track

Postgraduate Professional Masters Programme

In a competitive environment, marshalling Business Intelligence and Data Analytics on a real-time basis to make decisions, create value and develop a sustained competitive advantage is imperative. SMU MITB (Analytics) is Asia's first professional masters programme to meet this demand.

Master of IT in Business (Financial Technology & Analytics) Track

Postgraduate Professional Masters Programme


Technology is pushing the envelope for financial institutions on many fronts – for example, customer data, risk measures, capacity, market expectations and operational efficiency. Institutions that leverage on analytics to gain insights into their customers, operations and market opportunities can better position themselves for business continuity and success.

The MITB (FTA) programme draws from both the Financial Technology Track and the Analytics Track to equip and empower graduates and professionals with analytics and financial technology skills necessary to change the world today and tomorrow

Master of IT in Business (Artificial Intelligence) Track

Postgraduate Professional Masters Programme


The new Artificial Intelligence Track grooms professionals to build AI tools, and implement adaptive closed loop solutions for a myriad of business problems. First intake commencing August 2018.

SIS Continuing Education & Training Programmes

Continuing Education & Training Programmes

Postgraduate Continuing Education Programme,

SIS offers Customised Professional Programmes and Professional Short Courses under Upcoming Professional Programmes.

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